I am a skilled and experienced attorney with more than fifty-one years as a trial lawyer. I am a past member of the California Bar Association and a current member of the Colorado Bar Association.

I was a judge pro tem in California, and am highly rated by my peers in Martindale Hubbell.

I encourage my clients to ask detailed question, and, you will receive an honest, experienced appraisal of the merits of your case.

Whether you choose me or another attorney, I encourage you to get the answers to all your question before you retain an attorney.

You can review my California and Colorado Bar Associations' history. My California Bar Association Number is: 46691. My Colorado Bar Association Number is: 23797.

Finally, you can rely on me to call you. I will personally take your call and, if I'm not in the office or not available on my cell phone, I will get back to you within one day or sooner. You may have a question that is not pertinent to the law suit, but it is important to you. Since it is your case, call.

As always, there is no charge for consultation.

Jack Fahres
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